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Coated Tongue Reasons

June 8th, 2012 · No Comments · Coated Tongue Reasons

There are reasons as to why some people have a white layer of coat covering the tongue. This is caused by a bacteria or yeast infestation on the tongue called candida. People call this condition as having a Coated Tongue.

Some of the reasons include:

Oral Leukoplakia Conditions

Leukoplakia is a condition where cell overgrowth occurs and forms white patches and coats the tongue. This most commonly occurs due to irritation of the tongue and can lead to cancer. Oral thrush (candidiasis) is yeast that forms in the mouth and especially on the tongue. It looks like cottage cheese on the tongue. Oral lichen planus white appears as white lines on the tongue can be caused by poor oral hygiene.

Vitamin Deficiencies

Vitamin deficiencies are a common cause of coating on the tongue. This usually causes the tongue to look red. Vitamin B12 and folic acid deficiencies can cause this condition. Other conditions that can cause “strawberry tongue” or red tongue include geographic tongue, scarlet fever and Kawasaki syndrome which is most common in children.

Bacteria is a common cause of “black tongue” and it is usually not a serious condition. It does however, make the tongue look hairy which is not desirable. It is also not a common condition but regular tongue brushing or scraping can help get rid of and prevent coated tongue.

Many things can cause staining of the tongue. Smoking, drinking tea and coffee, taking certain medications and other foods, drinks and medications can cause discoloration and/or a coated tongue. Usually when staining is the cause of a coating on your tongue’s papillae it can easily be removed by brushing it with your toothbrush or scrap it with a tongue scraper.

Abnormal Keratin Levels

Human beings produce proteins that are called Keratin. These proteins stimulate hair and nail growth and acts to maintain our structural integrity of our largest organ which is our skin. It forms on the tongue as well but is normally excreted Keratin when we eat and drink.

A thick white coat could form when Keratin abnormal quantities of this protein covers the tongue.

Stains on the Tongue

Staining also occurs on the tongue as well as on the teeth. Some causes for abnormal staining of the tongue includes drinking coffee, tea and smoking. Certain foods have been known to stain the tongues when consumed over a period of time.

Medications can also cause a person’s tongue to stain, and cause a layer of coating on the tongue. Stains of these types are usually easily remove your tongue’s papillae by using a toothbrush or with a tongue scraper.

Always consult a trained specialist if you’re unsure or need more information.

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